School & Charity Donations


We can Donate to your School or Charity with every item ordered!

We'd like to help you raise funds for your School or Charity and we know every penny counts.

Receive 65p for every item purchased from our on-line catalogue.

It's easy too, you wont have to collect any money or order details.

There are two great ways to generate some extra cash!

1. We'll send you a letter which you can either copy to send to parents and supporters; or mention us in your next news letter.
(You can also grab the donation text from our website directly - we'll provide details with your welcome letter)

2. Link to us using the donation code (we will provide) on your School / Charity website, personal website or any on-line page. Every time a visitor clicks the link they'll automatically donate when they make a purchase.

Why parents buy from us?

Not only will we donate, people find that we're often the cheapest around and we still offer a first class customer service. And ever better - when we offer discounts, you'll still receive the full donation amount!

How much will we donate?

For every item purchased we'll donate 65p to your School or Charity. No percentages, no loss of VAT, Tax etc, no filling in complicated forms, no collecting money or orders. We'll even pay direct to your Charity Account if it helps!

Can I check the donation amounts?

Yes, of course. Just ask for a donation update and we'll send you the latest details which will include verifiable order numbers and amounts.


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