Baby Keepsake Gifts

What is a Baby Keepsake?

Having a baby really is a time to remember, the first year may pass quickly for many parents and before you know it they're up and walking around. A baby keepsake is something to treasure forever and a great alternative to all the usual fluffy toys in the blue or pink adorned nursery.

Traditionally keepsakes were often a silver or silver-plated souvenir for the new baby and these still are popular. Something to keep in a display case or on the mantle piece, a baby photo frame or perhaps a silver birth certificate holder.

Alternatively a larger keepsake box, (otherwise known as a memory box) gives a place to keep a selection of your babies most prized possessions. The first little body suit, a pair of booties (which everyone will walk around with their fingers, being so small and cute), a comforter blanket or that all important first teddy bear.

Sterling Silver Keepsake?

Firstly decide on your budget. If you're looking for a traditional prestige keepsake, you'll want to take a look at some baby sterling silver. Whether it's for yourself, a grandparent or mum and dad, it's something they'll not forget. Hallmarked Sterling Silver mementos really are a treat for the eyes, usually hand made and with a guaranteed quality of silver, they can become a real talking point.

Don't know what to choose? A little keepsake box for the first tooth or curl always goes down as very thoughtful. With sterling silver being more pricey than other gifts they're usually small, but still extremely special.

Keepsake Gifts to Delight

You don't need a big budget to buy something memorable. If you like "shiny" silver gifts, then take a look at something silver plated. Due to the materials used they usually have a good weight to them and the silver plating process, together with an anti-tarnish coating can give a fantastic finish (and finger-print free!). Some of the smaller keepsake boxes often start from under £10 and because they're plated silver can literally be any shape. Silver plated Money Boxes shaped like, trains, planes and pigs (well - it is a piggy bank) are just a few ideas to get you going.

Everyone likes a photo and when it comes to babies there's a vast range of choices available in all sorts of materials. Whether you want a photo frame to plainly say "It's a girl", to have a cute design or to show an array of pictures over the babies first year, you'll find it.

What to Keep in Keepsake Box

The most common items to keep are the first tooth or curl and you'll find a dedicated box just for this, have a a look for a tooth fairy box. Other prized mementos like the baby's wrist band from hospital are usually kept in a draw or somewhere out of the way, you'll find most of the little round keepsake boxes are a perfect place to keep these; being just the right size. Birth certificates can have their own special place too, in a birth certificate holder.

Cute Presents and Fluffy Toys

"Ahh!" you say, "I'm not into all this silver stuff, I want to give something original". Luxury soft toy brands like Kaloo offer a vast selection of some of the cutest and softest toys and bears ever! Coming in a gift box (makes a great keepsake) and being so lovingly designed it wont be something that gets thrown out when they grow up.

Other gifts they'll really want to keep include Taggies comforter blankets, often treasured forever. (Taggies are award-winning comforters based on the idea that babies love to rub satin edges and clothing labels)

Sterling Silver Rocking Horse Keepsake Box  
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Sterling Silver Rocking Horse Keepsake Box rrp:£49.95 £46.95
Silverplated Teddy Keepsake Box  
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Silverplated Teddy Keepsake Box (Antique Style) was:£11.95 £9.99
Gold Plated Tooth Fairy Sitting on a Sterling Silver Bell  
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Gold Plated Tooth Fairy Sitting on a Sterling Silver Bell £54.95
Silver Plated Christening Box  
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Silver Plated Christening Box was:£54.99 £44.95
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