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FunPod & Work Top Space Saver - White

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FunPod & Work Top Space Saver - White
FunPod & Work Top Space Saver - WhiteFunPod & Work Top Space Saver - WhiteFunPod & Work Top Space Saver - White
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Little Helper


Funpod With Chopping Board


FunPod & Work Top Space Saver - White

This FunPod includes a space saving worktop which doubles as a butcher's block. It simply slots onto the top of the unit and hey presto, you've got additional work space.

We love to have our toddlers with us in the kitchen. And little ones just love to help. But it's a room packed with dangers. And when we're up to our arms in kitchen chores, we can't always keep an eye on them, especially when they're standing on a chair, stool or worse, sitting on the worktop.

Did you know? There are over 42,845 toddlers between the ages of 0 months and 5 years who attend UK hospitals from kitchen related accidents every year.

As the picture shows, the FunPod is a stand-alone child safety unit which elevates your toddler to worktop height.

Our FunPod allows your toddler to stand unaided beside you at the worktop whilst helping with the pots, painting or simply just watching you cook without the worry of them injuring themselves. Read more...

The FunPod has been safety tested and conforms to General Safety Regulations 2005.

You can use the FunPod for a number of activities including washing up and helping you cook however, research has shown that children use it for imaginative play, painting and drawing, playing with play-doh and even having their hair cut so it’s not just a piece of furniture!

* 10 Reasons why every parent needs a FunPod

1. Because standing your child on a chair or stool is dangerous

2. Over 42,000 children aged between 0-4 are victims of kitchen accidents every year

3. You can use it every day for at least 3 years

4. Because your child will love it (all ours do!)

5. No more guilt at leaving them to entertain themselves whilst you do your chores

6. It's great for education and stimulation ­ teach them the importance of cooking & eating healthily

7. Proven fact ­ if a child helps prepare a meal, they're more willing to eat it

8. No more pestering for attention allowing you to do what you have to do

9. It's great for parent and child bonding

10. A FunPod will give you more quality time with your toddler

* Features & Benefits

The FunPod is suitable for children aged 1*-5 and has 5 adjustable height settings allowing for children’s growth so that at whatever child’s height, the top of the FunPod is always at chest height to ensure the child’s safety.

Child safety within the kitchen need no longer be a worry. Or entertaining your child at home come to that. With a lifespan of 4 years, the FunPod can be used when your toddler starts to walk unaided. Standing on an adjustable footplate, they drop levels as he or she grows.

* Safe and Sturdy * Height Adjustable * Stylish Design * Optional Chopping Board Top *

* Adjustable Height

There are 5 settings accomodating the average height of a 12 month baby up to a toddler of 5 so at whatever level, the top of the FunPod is always at chest height for safety reasons.

Simply lift them in and let them help you with the washing up or preparation of the day’s meal. It’s a great way of keeping them away from electrical or hot appliances in the kitchen, not to mention stimulation or child development.

After all, involving or entertaining children in the kitchen through practical play is much better than sticking them in front of the TV.

Always remember to check your worktop first for any danger signs such as kettles, knives or scissors for fear of wandering hands. NEVER leave your child unattended.

* Anti-Tipping Base

The anti-tipping base has been one of the most crucial elements on the FunPod design, to ensure stability thus child safety. Cut to shape, this design complements the unit and sits under the recess of your kitchen cupboards to ensure your FunPod butts up to the worktop beautifully.

* Easy Construction

When designing the unit, ease of construction was one of most important factors and we are confident that we’ve come up with a simple assembly method. The unit comes flat-packed, in 7 pieces and includes just 24 screw fixings to assemble. Easy peasy.

* Easy Cleaning

Now for the clever bit. Just like our toddlers here, they’re sure to fill the FunPod with all sorts of mess so when you remove the footplate, there is a hole in the bottom of the unit for the mess to fall meaning it’s simple and easy to clean. Just your floor to wipe.

* Accessorise!

To make the FunPod even more useful, we’ve developed a space saving worktop for you which converts the FunPod into a butcher’s block. It simply slots onto the top of the unit and hey presto, you’ve got additional work space. Or somewhere to store bits and bobs. As we’ve said before, designed by parents for parents.

* Safety First!
Always remember to check your worktop first for any danger signs such as kettles, knives or scissors for fear of wandering hands. As long as you’re in control of the FunPod, you’re in control of your toddler. NEVER leave your child unattended.

* The child must be able to stand unaided in order to use the FunPod safely. It is important that the child's chest is in line with the top of the FunPod for safety. Adjust the level accordingly.

* Your FunPod can now be delivered to Ireland for an additional delivery charge of £11.95. Just enter add FunPod Ireland Delivery to your shopping cart (or search for product FUNPODIRELAND)

* Delivery to other destinations outside the mainland UK (including Channel Islands, Jersey etc) is currently not available due to high delivery costs.


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