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Gro-to-Bed Hetty Pop (cot bed)

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Gro-to-Bed Hetty Pop (cot bed)

Move straight from a grobag into a Gro-to-bed Bedding Set and prevent bumps in the night!

When it's time for a big bed (or cot bed) you'll want to know they're cosy, comfy and safe. Using a clever design the bottom sheet and pillow case zips into place on the duvet cover to help prevent little children from falling out of bed and keep them warm.

The fitted sheet goes right under the mattress using an elasticated pocket. Great for making toddlers feel secure when moving from their grobag sleeping bag into a big bed.

* 100% Cotton, machine washable
* Suitable for use all year round
* The duvet cover is 120 x 150cm and fits a cot bed up to 70 x 140cm
* Includes poppers that work with the Gro Duvet to prevent the duvet slipping down inside the duvet cover (only 2014 and 2015 duvets)
* Recommended from 2yrs +
* Complies with all British and European fabric and durability standards
* The Gro-to-bed Duvet (cot bed size) is available separately
* A standard cot bed pillow is recommended (approx 59x38cm), sold at most local bedding stores. (You may like to consider an Anti-allergy pillow)

Why is grobag bedding so good

Why is grobag bedding so good

* The Gro-to-bed Bedding Set is not suitable for children under one year old. For Baby Bedding please see our Grobag Baby Sleeping Bags

Safe and Sound Advice
* Never use a duvet/pillow for a child under one year old
* Don't exceed 4 togs for children in a cot beds and 10 togs for children in single beds
* Don't use a baby sleeping bag in conjunction with any duvet bedding

Previously known as the Grobag First Duvet Bedding Set and Grobag Stay-On bedding set


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