Gro-Snug Rainbow Spot Cosy


Gro-Snug Rainbow Spot Cosy

A revolutionary New 2in1 Swaddle and Newborn Grobag from safe sleep experts The Gro Company. The only bedding you will need for your newborn.

The Gro-snug enables you to swaddle arms in or out for a great night's sleep. Extremely easy to use with no folding needed and a long zip that opens from the bottom for nappy changes. Unique design creates space for hip healthy natural leg position. Perfectly transitions your baby in to their first Grobag.

Made from supersoft and stretchy cotton, the Gro-snug is available in two different weights - Light and Cosy, for different room temperatures. Babies love it!

•Available in Light (cool rooms between 16 and 20 degrees C) and Cosy (warmer rooms between 21-25 degrees C).
•One size fits newborns 5lbs to 12lbs
•Includes FREE Nursery Thermometer and what to wear guide
•Chest lined for secure swaddle comfort
•Highest quality construction
•Baby safe YKK zips, Nickel free poppers, and no rough edges or seams
•Machine Washable and can be tumble dried on low heat.

All Gro-snugs can be machine washed at 40°C. They can be hung out to dry or tumble dried on a low setting. As with all cotton goods, we have designed our Gro-snugs to allow for up to 5% shrinkage. If your child has any allergies and you wish to wash your Gro-snug at 60°C, you should allow for a little more shrinkage. When washing, it is best to keep the zip closed. You can iron your Gro-snug on a low heat if desired, always keeping the iron away from the zip or covering the zip with a cloth. We recommend that you wash dark colours separately for the first few washes. We also recommend that you wash your Gro-snug with a detergent that is free from bleaching agents in order to retain the original colours.

The Grosnug has real benefits:-
* No folding required
* Soothing and calming
* Assisting in getting and keeping baby asleep
* Baby won’t wake up from startling

"Swaddling helps fussy babies have greater state stability: soothe faster, stay calmer and sleep longer. "

Swaddling: Boosts Baby Sleep, Stops Colic & Reduces Infant Risks – By Harvey Karp, MD, FAAP December 2012


What is the difference between the Gro-snug and the Gro-swaddle?

The Gro-swaddle is our traditional wrap, a shaped swaddle with exactly the right amount of fabric for a safe swaddle - with no risk of overwrapping.

The Gro-snug is a 2in1 product that combines an easy swaddle with a newborn Grobag.
• There is no risk of overwrapping and the shaped seams allow for natural leg position.
• No technique required - just place baby in and zip them in.
• Poppers mean that baby can be arms in or arms out - whichever they prefer, allowing them to transition to a Grobag when they’re ready.

Why would I want to swaddle my baby?

Swaddling is a method of putting a newborn baby to bed that countless parents swear by. Babies are used to being snuggly in their mother’s womb and being swaddled reassures them and makes them feel secure. It also prevents them from waking themselves from the ‘startle’ reflex.

What size does the Gro-snug come in?

The Gro-snug comes in one size, which is suitable for babies from 5lbs to 12 lbs.

What does ‘hip healthy’ mean?

‘Hip healthy’ is a term coined by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. In order for swaddling to allow healthy hip development, the legs should be able to bend up and out at the hips. The Gro-snug has unique curved seams which creates a pocket and allows plenty of space for babies’ legs to be in the natural ‘froggy’ position.

How do I know which type of Gro-snug to get?

The Gro-snug comes in two weights of fabric:
• Cosy is for cool rooms between 16 and 20 degrees C
• Light is for warm rooms between 21 and 25 degrees C

All Gro-snugs come with a free thermometer and what to wear guide.

What is the Gro-snug made of?

The Gro-snug is made from supersoft cotton with elastane for stretch.

When can you use the Gro-snug from?

The Gro-snug can be used from birth, as long as your baby is 5lbs or heavier.

What tog rating is the Gro-snug?

The Gro-snug is not measured in togs like our baby sleeping bags. The reason for this is that the Gro-snug is a tighter fit than a baby sleeping bag and is designed to be worn in a moses basket, which is a closer environment that affects the measurement in different ways. The usual tog rating is therefore not suitable for this product.

The Gro-snug is available in two weights of fabric:
• Cosy for cool rooms between 16 and 20 degrees C
• Light for warmer rooms between 21-25 degrees C.

What are the poppers on the arms for?

The Gro-snug can be used with baby’s arms either in (with the poppers popped shut) or arms out (with the poppers open).

Arms in allows for a safe swaddle, no wrapping needed. Reassuringly snug on top and hip healthy leg space on the bottom. Keeping baby snugly swaddled means that they won’t wake from the startle reflex.

Arms out means that baby can sleep with their arms up. Some babies prefer not to be restricted when sleeping.

Arms out is also perfect for transitioning a baby into a Grobag - they can sleep with one or two arms out.


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