FunToSee Jungle Safari


FunToSee Jungle Safari
44 giant stickers (2012 design)

With FunToSee stickers you can create your own magical jungle safari. Great for any bedroom, nursery or playroom in no time at all.

Your little one's personalised safari makes bedtime an adventure. Think up lots of imaginative stories with Laurence the lion, Yoyo the cheeky monkey and Flora the Flamingo. They've got lots of friends too, even in the tops of the jungle tree, slinky the snake is smiling.

Like no other sticker set, these really are giant. The jungle tree measures 1.7 meters tall and even doubles up as a height chart.

This Jungle Safari theme contains 44 room stickers:
- Slinky the Snake in his height chart tree - 1.7meters tall
- Laurence the Lion � 67cm wide
- Flora the Flamingo � 48cm tall
- Zenanna the Giraffe � 58cm tall
- Chumper the Elephant � 62cm wide
- Zephyr the Tiger � 71cm wide
- Schnapper the Crocodile � 44cm wide
- YoYo the Cheeky Monkey � 46cm wide
- Sage the Wise Old Tortoise � 33cm wide
- Nip and Nat the 2 Buddy Bugs - 19cm wide
- Again-Again and Repeteta the Parrots - 20cm wide
- Flit the Dragon Fly - 29cm wide
- 4 Tufts of Grass
- 3 Jungle Vines
- 4 Pairs of Peeping Eyes
- 8 Muddy Paws

It's easy too. Just peel and apply each giant sticker on the wall or furniture too. Don't worry if you change your mind, FunToSee stickers use a specially designed backing which allows you to remove and re-apply your stickers again.

There's no glue, no mess, it's quick and lots of fun too.


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