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FunToSee Funky Flowers

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FunToSee Funky Flowers
54 giant stickers

Using FunToSee "Funky Flowers" you can create your own magical themed bedroom, nursery or playroom in no time at all.

With lots of pretty flowers, colourful butterflies and some really funky toadstools you'll create a bedroom that you wont want to leave. Bedtime will never be the same again, with the most trendy room around your little girl's dreams really can come true.

This Funky Flowers theme contains 64 room stickers including:

- 2 Hip and Hop Heart Flowers - 79cm tall
- 2 Round-a-Round Flowers - 80cm tall
- 2 Zip and Zap Spiky Flowers - 66cm tall
- 2 Busy Buzzy Bees
- 3 Munching Caterpillars
- 5 Flutterby-Butterflies
- 7 Tubby Toadstools
- 3 'Big Love' Hearts
- 2 Whirly Swirly Scrolls
- 12 Rosy Pink Flowerettes
- 12 Spiky Blue Blooms
- 2 'Funky Flower' stickable words

It's easy too. Just peel and apply each giant sticker on the wall or furniture too. Don't worry if you change your mind, FunToSee stickers use a specially designed backing which allows you to remove and re-apply your stickers again.

There's no glue, no mess, it's quick and lots of fun too.


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