CuddleMoo Toddler Towel

CuddleMoo Toddler Towel
CuddleMoo Toddler TowelCuddleMoo Toddler TowelCuddleMoo Toddler Towel
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CuddleMoo Toddler Towel
Award-winning Cuddledry towels

At last! A towel for toddlers that is big, soft, warm, fun and downright gorgeous.

Loved by kids as well as mums and dads - little tots will bundle their towel around them to keep them snug as a bug, and then charge around the house until its time to get dressed!

Buy for your toddler as something special to use every day or give as a
gift for the perfect present.

* Suitable for ages 1 to 3
* Snuggly double layers make this the warmest toddler towel you can buy
* Sensibly big with plenty of fabric and a large hood to dry hair and keep warm
* 100% organic unbleached cotton and natural bamboo fibres - 60% more absorbent than cotton, silky soft and with natural anti-bacterial properties
* Snag free towelling helps the fabric retain its quality and prevents tiny toes and fingers getting caught
* the toddler towels are part of the awardwinning range of Cuddledry bath and swim time products for babies and toddlers


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