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Cosy Shopper & Blanket - Dottie Blue

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Cosy Shopper & Blanket - Dottie Blue
Cosy Shopper & Blanket - Dottie BlueCosy Shopper & Blanket - Dottie Blue
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Cosy Shopper

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Cosy Shopper & Blanket - Dottie Blue

Each Cosy Shopper is hand made using a double lined fleece for added warmth and comfort and comes complete with a matching fleece blanket.

As an added bonus all Cosy Shoppers are supplied in an easy to carry PVC drawstring bag to ensure it's kept clean and dry when not in use. You'll receive a seat cover, matching blanket and a rucksack bag to keep it clean.

The Cosy Shoppers fit on baby bucket seats on a supermarket shopping trolley, they also fit on most infant carrier car seats, to protect the seat from getting dirty and grubby in case baby is sick. This is a must have product for a new mum. It's useful, practical and an essential item if you have a baby that is being sick most of the time.

The Cosy Shopper, a small price to pay to keep your baby warm and clean.

* Quick and easy to fit
* Perfect as a newborn gift
* Keeps baby safe, clean and free from germs
* Fits all major UK supermarket trolleys
* Lots of Fun designs to choose from
* Has 2 uses (baby bucket seats and infant carrier car seats)
* User / fitting guide included.


From the creator of The Cosy Shopper, Lisa Penn

"I came up with the idea of the cosy shopper in April 2005 when as a concerned mother looking after two babies, I had to keep cleaning the baby bucket seats every time I visited the supermarket. I found the seats were cold, hard and uncomfortable for babies to sit in and were not very clean. As an added bonus you can also use The Cosy Shopper on your infant carrier car seat to protect the seats from getting dirty and grubby, so The Cosy Shopper has two purposes."
Lisa Penn and The Cosy Shopper

"So I decided to design some funky seat covers and matching blanket sets to keep little ones SAFE, CLEAN, COMFORTABLE AND FREE FROM GERMS. So I put a range together and THE COSY SHOPPER was launched in September 2007."

"I hope that you and your baby will enjoy many happy trips to the supermarket knowing that peace of mind your baby will be safe, secure, clean, and comfortable."


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