Grobag Airfree 55


Grobag Airfree 55

See our new AirFree Babyair 55 which replaces this discontinued model.

Revolutionary air purifier that actually destroys airborne allergens.

The new grobag airfree° 55 is unlike any other air purifier; it doesn't just filter out the bad bugs and pollutants in the air your baby breathes, it completely destroys them. Using a patented heat chamber, 99.99% of airborne allergens are silently destroyed. Viruses, germs and dust mite debris are wiped out before clean air is released back into your baby's room.

Perfect for parents looking to create a healthier nursery environment, the grobag airfree 55 is also ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers, allowing everyone to breathe more easily.

grobag airfree 55 has a 55m3 capacity, which is ideal to effectively clean the air in any average sized nursery or bedroom.

- How It Works -

Air is drawn into the unit through convection currents into an incineration chamber. The purified air is cooled before being released back into the room, with no harmful emissions.

> Efficient & effective
grobag airfree 55 uses new exclusive patented technology that enables heat to destroy 99.99% of airborne micro organisms. Fully tested by independent institutions and laboratories worldwide.

> No maintenance
Unlike other air purifiers, grobag° airfree° 55 requires no maintenance or replacement filters, saving time and cost.

> Silent operation
grobag airfree 55 is totally silent and won't disturb your child's sleep.

> Cost Effective
Uses less power than a 60W light bulb.

> Environmently friendly
grobag airfree 55 technology uses a natural purifying process that doesn't produce any harmful emissions.

> Soothing nightlight
Adjustable chromatherapy blue light produces a calming effect.

> Grobag airfree removes...
Bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust mite debris, pet dander, tobacco odour, mould and mildew spores, ozone, organic odours.

- Allergy information -

* Allergies are widespread and affect approximately one in four of the population in the UK at some time in their lives. Each year the numbers are increasing by 5% with as many as half of all those affected being children.
* The symptoms of allergies are many and varied and may be triggered by a wide number of causes, one of the main ones being indoor air pollution. This can be greatly reduced by using grobag® airfree® 55, which has independent tests to assure its efficiency.
* Indoor air quality is often as much as 50 times more polluted than the air outside. Common airborne allergens include house dust mites, mould spores, pet dander, pollens and ozone. By using grobag® airfree® 55, it will safely destroy these allergens and greatly improve the quality of air you breathe.
* House dust mites cause allergic reactions in 85% of children with asthma.
Asthma affects over 5 million people in the UK - 20% of those are children.
* 1 asthma sufferer is admitted to hospital every 8 minutes and 38 million inhalers are prescribed every year.

grobag® airfree® 55 is proven to eliminate 99.99% of airborne allergens and can help reduce the risk of allergies, such as asthma, in newborns and young children.


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