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GDPR (General Data Protection Rules - May-2018)

Cookie Policy

Our website stores cookies on your device to remember you, analyse website traffic and provide personalised adverts. You can change your cookie and privacy settings to increase your privacy (see bottom of page). Our website cannot function properly without a cookie, it remember's your shopping cart.

We remember your cookie/privacy settings with a cookie called . If you agree to using cookies we'll store a cookie called "cookie_control" to remember this and another called "sid" which we'll use to refer to your personal data on our secure server. These are essential cookies, but you can controlk how they work and what information we store about you. If can change your privacy/cookie settings at any time.

If you agree, we also use a third party (Google) to provide extra tracking information.


Remembering which pages you visit helps us to guide customers when they call for advice and track popular pages and products. We also remember IP addresses and browser details to stop automated robots from slowing down our system.



We'll ask your permission to store cookies and you can delete them at any time. Our cookie only contains a unique reference number. We use this reference number on our computer to refer to your order, shopping cart and provide assistance while making an order. We also use this information to monitor and improve our services (e.g. tracking error messages). Our website wont function properly if you have cookies disbaled in your web browser.

What is a cookie? It's a small file that a website stores on your computer to remember things, only the same website (or server) can retrieve it. (Our cookie can be deleted by adding "?clear" to the end of this page's web address)

We may also use "Google Analytics Tracking" to see which pages are popular, if you would like to find out more just search for this using any internet search engine, like Google.

Links to Other Websites

We do not accept any responsibility for the content, cookies, tracking or privacy policy of other web sites we link to. This includes emedded content such as YouTube, which we may use to show you videos.

Who Are we?

Delphi Solutions Ltd (trading as The Baby Collection and Baby C) are the data admiistrators.