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Little Taggies - Confetti

Little Taggies - Confetti
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Little Taggies - Confetti
fresh, bright and bold taggies

Features: Little Taggies

Confetti from the Taggies Colours Collection is bold and bright. An exclusive design that explodes with colour! Made from baby-sofa fabric, each Colours Little Taggies is edged with 20 colourful, engaging tags that little ones love.

- Measures 30 x 30cm
- Suitable from birth

Conceived by Babies - Made by Mums!

From the Creator of Taggies...

Created by an early childhood educator and mum, Taggies are based on the idea that babies and kids love to rub satin edges, clothing labels and tags. We watched our own kids do this, like yours, and came up with the idea of Taggies. Focused on the "whole child", Taggies enhance early childhood emotional well being, growth, and sense of security by providing tactile and visually stimulating features that both soothe and entertain. Children interact with, explore and enjoy a generous assortment of printed and textured tags, creating in them a true sense of good feeling, positive adjustment and overall happiness. Contributing to a lifetime foundation of healthy development, "interactive" Taggies nurture with comfort, activity and fun!