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Gro-Clock - Toddlers know when to wake up

The gro-clock is easy to understand, it'll tell your little one when it's bedtime and when it's time to get up!

Just look out for the happy sun or the sleepy moon, both glow using a friendly back-light. At night time the stars will disappear one-by-one to show the passing of time and you can even set an alarm clock.

* The glowing screen shows images of the stars and sun
* At night time the stars will go out one by one, to show the passing of time.
* Key-lock option
* Adjustable screen brightness
* Silent operation
* Optional digital clock and audible alarm feature
* Includes a bedtime story book, especially written for your groclock.
* Suitable from 2 years.
* The GroClock is suitable for the UK only as it has a UK plug and requires a 220-240v power supply. (Does not use batteries)

The gro-clock tells them it's time to sleep ... and when it's time to get up.


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