FunToSee Funberry Farm Room Stickers

FunToSee Funberry Farm Room Stickers
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FunToSee Funberry Farm Room Stickers
72 room stickers

Features: FunToSee Room Make-Over

Down at Funberry Farm, the adventure has only just begun. With FunToSee stickers you can create your own magical themed bedroom, nursery or playroom in no time at all.

Funberry Farm has lots of friendly animals to meet like, Muddy Piggy, Blossom the Calf and the 4 cheeky mice. Bedtime will never be the same again with this imaginative scene, you'll enjoy to make up your own farm stories before nodding off to sleep on your very own little "FunToSee" farm.

This Funberry Farm Room Make-Over Kit contains:

- Mother Sheep - 16.3cm tall
- Lamb & Fence - 21.5cm tall
- 3 Leaping Lambs -11.5�14cm tall
- Pretty Pony - 37.5cm tall
- 2 Trees - 18cm-21cm tall
- 6 Tufts of Grass - 5cm tall
- Donkey and Stable - 90cm tall
- Wheat Sack - 15.7cm tall
- Hen Coop - 48cm tall
- Funberry Farm Sign - 14.2cm tall
- Daphne the cow - 23cm tall
- Ruffled Rooster - 17.5cm tall
- 5 Cheeky Chicks - 5�9cm tall
- Farmyard Pond - 31cm tall
- Mother Hen - 19.5cm tall
- Messy Kittens in Milk - 25cm tall
- 2 Geese - 8�15cm tall
- Billy Goat and Duckling - 17.5cm tall
- 2 Racing rabbits - 11.5cm tall
- Barrel, Cartwheel and Piglet - 27cm tall
- Muddy Pig - 15.5cm tall
- White chicken - 15.5cm tall
- Blossom the calf - �39cm tall
- 7 pieces of horizon hedge
- Bales of hay, piglet, mice and kitten
- 27 pieces of fence
- 5 Flying birds
- 9 Fluffy Clouds
- 5 Butterflies
- 4 Mice

It's easy too. Just peel and apply each giant sticker on the wall or furniture too. Don't worry if you change your mind, FunToSee stickers use a specially designed backing which allows you to remove and re-apply your stickers again.

There's no glue, no mess, it's quick and lots of fun too.


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