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Gold Plated Tooth Fairy on a Sterling Silver Bell with Real Sixpence


Gold Plated Tooth Fairy on a Sterling Silver Bell with Real Sixpence

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This special edition of the popular Tooth Fairy Bell comes with an original sixpence in the base of the bell, as a reminder of that special event. The old sixpence, always cherished by the Tooth Fairy as the exchange for the first milk tooth, secretly kept under the pillow waiting for the tooth fairy to come when everyone's fast asleep.

This a sterling silver bell has a wonderful gold plated fairy sitting on top to keep your first tooth safe. A velvet presentation case with satin lining is also included.

Like no other keepsake box, this one provides a virtually air tight seal* to keep your baby's tooth even longer. Without any seal a milk tooth may start to degrade in to powder in as little as 2-3 years.

* British sterling silver hallmark.
* This fairy bell measures 40mm tall and is 25mm wide at the base (with 20mm x 12mm storage space - for a first tooth / lock of hair etc)
* The virtually air tight seal is not "100% air tight", but with a screw thread is a vast improvement when compared with typical open top keepsake boxes.
* sizes are approximate as this is handmade 925 sterling silver

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