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Gold Plated Tooth Fairy Sitting on a Sterling Silver Bell


Gold Plated Tooth Fairy Sitting on a Sterling Silver Bell

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A wonderful gold plated fairy sitting on top of a sterling silver bell to keep your babies first tooth or lock of hair safe. A velvet presentation case with satin lining is also included.

Like no other keepsake box, this one provides a virtually air tight seal* to keep your baby's tooth even longer. Without any seal a babies milk tooth may start to degrade in to powder in as little as 2-3 years.

* British sterling silver hallmark.
* This fairy bell measures 40mm tall and is 25mm wide at the base (with 20mm x 12mm storage space - for a first tooth / lock of hair etc)
* The virtually air tight seal is not "100% air tight", but with a screw thread is a vast improvement when compared with typical open top keepsake boxes.

"Don't order this until you've seen our special edition tooth fairy box which includes a real sixpence piece!"

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How to look after, prevent tarnishing and polish your sterling silver


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